Open Letter to Critical Mass from Des Kay

I'm delighted that the House of Lords yesterday unanimously upheld my appeal. The judgment can be found on-line at

This case has now been running for nearly three years since Inspector Gomm first handed out his flyers to all of us telling us that the Mass was unlawful and that we needed to give advance notice and decide what route we were going to take in advance. I'm glad to say that isn't the case and we no longer have to fear the threat of arrest.

Although it was a difficult decision to take the case in the first place I (and many others) felt that it was the right thing to do and I'm pleased that after all this time the House of Lords has agreed, with all five Law Lords unanimously agreeing.

What is very important is the outcome that the London Mass is exempted from the requirements of the Public Order Act and so there is no need to give advance notice. That should give cyclists a lot of comfort. In particular, anyone who is interested in self-stewarding the ride will now feel considerably more comfortable. However, the House of Lords had lots of very positive things to say generally and there is much that is useful in the judgments for other people wishing to set up Critical Mass Cycle Rides elsewhere in the country.

Thanks to everyone who supported the case over the years.